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Portable Battery Booster Pack Charger Power Heavy Duty Truck Jump Starter Box W

Portable Battery Booster Pack Charger Power Heavy Duty Truck Jump Starter Box W
Portable Battery Booster Pack Charger Power Heavy Duty Truck Jump Starter Box W
Portable Battery Booster Pack Charger Power Heavy Duty Truck Jump Starter Box W

Portable Battery Booster Pack Charger Power Heavy Duty Truck Jump Starter Box W    Portable Battery Booster Pack Charger Power Heavy Duty Truck Jump Starter Box W
Jump-N-Carry 12V Jump Starter 1700 Peak Amps Dead Car Battery Charger DC Outlet. Its the calling card of a Jump-N-Carry jump starter. The JNC660 is no exception. Its Clore Proformer battery is specifically developed to perform the jump starting application and is designed to deliver exceptional cranking power, extended cranking duration, numerous jumps per charge and long service life. The JNC660 includes numerous features to make jump starting more effective and convenient.

Its 46 inch cable reach enables it to reach the starting points on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Industrial Grade Hot Jaw clamps penetrate corrosion for the best possible connection.

Jump-N-Carry jump starters feature high performance, replaceable Clore Proformer batteries. These batteries are designed for maximum power density and durability, which results in exceptional cranking power, extended cranking duration and a long service life. For over 25 years, Jump-N-Carry has been the go-to brand for tow truck drivers, auto mechanics, rescue vehicles, car auctioneers and anyone else in need of a reliable jump starter. Every aspect of the JNC660 is tailored to support the goal of delivering as much starting power as possible to a disabled vehicle. All components of the'power path' are designed to support the goal of getting the jump starter's power to the disabled vehicle. This includes the heavy-duty, 2 AWG cable leads and Industrial Grade clamps that penetrate corrosion on the vehicle's battery for a good electrical connection. 1,700 Peak Amps; 425 Cranking Amps. PROFORMER battery technology is designed to provide extremely high power output, extended cranking power and a long service life.

46 inch heavy-duty #2 AWG cables; copper insulated. Voltmeter provides charge status of onboard battery. DC outlet to power 12 volt accessories; DC input to recharge internal battery. When the unit is not in use, we recommend that the battery is charged at least every 30 days. 12 Volt power output can power a variety of accessories.

Includes automatic circuit protection to prevent overloads. The ultimate in convenience, it never gets lost. Features fully automatic charging, allowing the unit to be kept in an always ready state. For replacement charger cable see part no.

Check the status of the battery inside your JNC660 with the press of a button. Impervious to shop fluids, it is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday professional use. Features fully automatic, built-in charger for its on-board battery. This allows for the unit to be left plugged in, meaning your jump starter is in an always ready state.

Jump-N-Carry 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter 1700 Peak Amps Dead Car Battery Charger DC Outlet. Industrial Grade Hot Jaw Clamps. 12 Volt DC Outlet to Power Accessories. Assembled Product Weight: 21.6 lbs. This is a great tool.

This order was actually a replacement for one that was plugged in when we got struck by lightning. We use it charge our boat battery in the spring, and it's handy if the battery in the car goes dead. Also have peace of mind when traveling...

I won't be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a jump! Research gave this unit excellent reviews and Walmart had the best price and quickest service. Owned the original since 2013.

I keep in my truck. Its sad to say I have used it at least 100 times over the years and it was for others during the winter months and not myself.

I guess i was so over cautious when i bought it back then. After all these years it still works and holds excellent charge. Walmart does sell some good batteries and jump starters. My husband also tried the cables on a dead battery and it absolutely worked without no problems. These cables are worth the 5 stars and the value Walmart charges.

This is the best of the best.... After lots of research and trials, the JNC660 is the right size for the job. Don't look any further... This thing does the job.

I have had the need to use it twice and both times it has started the vehicle immediately. Powerful enough to start my light truck in dead of winter. Piece of mind went traveling on long trips. To Good To Be True. I had one since 2013 for work and they took it from me the other day, so I ordered a new one.

My old one worked as good as when I first got it and I leave it in the car in hot and cold weather. Beside it being good quality, the best way to have these last forever is to not leave it on charge all of the time.

That will kill the life of the unit. Even when they are near the Yellow on the indicator, these units still will jump a car. Not suitable for large fleet diesel engines, it would certainly be at home in any auto dealership to jump any of their inventory that has been sitting a couple of months for a test drive, auto mechanic shops and, most likely, compact utility diesel tractors (40 hp or less).

Depending upon other factors (temperature, engine size and cold starting condition), you can get 5-10 jumps from it when fully charged. This is an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) lead acid battery driven unit. A critical plus, as if left in a car and gets very cold, most LION powered batteries lose all power at around 20 degrees F. Lead acid batteries do not (though lose much of their capacity at 0 F). This makes a world of difference if being used in a temperate or northern climate where heavy cold can seasonally be expected and the cold'kills' your car's battery. This is really an entry level pro series unit. It is always'on' with no on/off switch, so it very important to prevent the clamps from touching and stored in the shown holsters accordingly. While the clamps are externally insulated to prevent accidental contact from sloppy storage, with the type of jump starter this is, should you ever happen to make electrical contact this way, the results will be'epic' lol. It comes with an exposed three pin male pin AC port that allows you to charge it via a shop/home medium - heavy duty AC extension cord you supply. Also provided is an automotive type plug DC power port ('cigarette lighter' port) that is of the type usually found on a car's dashboard near the radio location. You can use this port just like said port on your car. Supplied is a male DC plug to male DC plug extension cord to allow you to recharge the jumper from your car's power/cigarette port when driving. Place in this jumper pack on the floor board passenger area, plug in this extension to recharge/top off this unit when driving. A very thoughtful addition if your car's battery is suddenly starting to die and you are not sure if it will start the next time you shut off your car's engine. I have had this happen to me with modern car batteries they are a wear out item. Needs periodic replacement, and tend to start to frequently die when worn out. A charge status gauge is present to activate with a press of a button, plus there are two charging status light on it (completed or still charging). Worth saving, as ALL batteries will eventually go bad/dead and need replacement. This will not only keep near optimally maintained for long life (5-8 years), it will always keep your unit at or near peak performance mode. Is a very good unit, does the job very well the volt meter is a grate feature. When jump starting a customer with a no crank situation. Battery and alternator can be check by pushing s button. I have one for work and one for home. I have used it on a motorcycle all the way up to a V-10 Ford bus and 8.1 liter gasoline engine Chevy bus. This is the jump starter to get. Will always work if the problem is with the car battery.

Don't get any other one. THE BEST STARTER ON THE MARKET. Our top priority is customer service.

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  • Modified Item: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Type: Charger
  • Features: Portable
  • Manufacturer Part Number: JUMP-N-CARRY
  • Peak Amps: 1700Amp
  • Accessories: Clamps
  • Brand: Solar
  • Set or Single Item: Single Item
  • Voltage: 12V

Portable Battery Booster Pack Charger Power Heavy Duty Truck Jump Starter Box W    Portable Battery Booster Pack Charger Power Heavy Duty Truck Jump Starter Box W